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  • They say you should ignore imposter syndrome…but what if it’s really your gut telling you you’re on the wrong path?

    Probably half of my posts on this blog have dealt with self-doubt or “imposter syndrome” in one way or another.  But for good reason; I honestly believe it’s the one thing that stands between us and success, particularly for entrepreneurs. Because there’s absolutely no reason we can’t have what we desire as far as online […]

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  • Stop letting the trolls starve, you cruel person.

    Vampires, werewolves, witches, wizards.  Cinderella, Red Riding Hood.  Those types. Books and TV have reinvented those classic characters over the last decade or so, weaving them into modern times and relevant situations, while still preserving the essence of the fairy tale.  It’s a trend.  The “fractured fairy tale”, it’s sometimes called. But there’s a fairy […]

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  • The One Person You Shouldn’t Miss

    Day one-and-a-half of getting back to me. What does that even mean? The last post was about having no free time, even as a “free”lancer.  Seems like a bit of a contradiction, right?  No one freelances because they want MORE structure, more strict deadlines, more micromanagement, more long hours. Freelancing should mean freedom.  Lots of […]

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  • 99 Problems But…At Least There’s Bacon

    first world problems

    I’m grumpy today. Really grumpy. I’m on Day 3 of a 21-day sugar detox, which has me feeling sluggish and hangry and craving Reese’s peanut butter cups like woah.  I made these apple streusel egg muffins yesterday with high hopes.  They looked delicious.  They tasted like absolutely NOTHING. It was like a piece of tofu […]