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  • Your Idea Isn’t Original

    You can Google literally everything these days, and find SOMETHING that’s at least slightly related to what you’re looking for if not entirely what you’re looking for. Everyone’s got a piece of themselves out there online it seems.  Every idea has a business or a blog to go along with it.  Anyone can start a Facebook group […]

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  • Are Great Artists and Leaders Cut From the Same Cloth?

    The “starving artist” concept is pretty well known. We’re usually primed to expect little or no financial reward for being an artist. Artists are considered emotional, eccentric, and idealistic. Not usually “leadership” material, right? But as technology and business practices advance and become more automated, digital, and online, there is a need for more than […]

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  • The Loss of a Friend, The Loss of an Inspiration: In Memory of Chris and Scott

    September 4th was my last day at my full-time job.  I had always imagined driving home from work on that day blasting music, windows down, fist pumping all the way home.  But for some reason I felt a lot of melancholy that day.  I don’t know if I had a “feeling” about anything in particular, […]

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  • 9 Ways to Get Your Travel Fix [Number 9 is the Best!]


    As someone who craves world travel but does not (yet) have the means to do it, I have had to get my fix without leaving the States.  Here’s a couple ways you can, too. Here are some travel-withdrawal coping strategies you can suffer through without leaving your zip code!  1.  Learn a foreign language. For […]

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  • How To Make Big Decisions Easier By Confronting Uncertainty


    It’s inevitable: one day, each and every one of us will face a big, scary, life-changing decision. No one is safe. Maybe it’s already happened to you. Maybe it’s happening to you right now. And it will again. Decisions are scary because they involve risk. The type of risk that you know has the potential […]