Blogger.  Author.  Copywriter.  One thing is just never enough for me.



faviconI’ve spent my time since quitting my job learning about copywriting.  About the art of persuasive writing, tips tricks and trends, and about operating a writing business.  In April 2016 I launched my first business: Green Pen Copywriting.

I decided to combine my experience in the environmental science sector with writing for a cause, so I chose to specialize in copywriting for non-profits and green businesses.
Visit my other website, www.greenpencopy.com to learn more about it.

Fiction Author

In November 2015, I woke up one morning and wrote a novel.3D Book

Actually, I decided to participate in National Novel Writing Month‘s challenge to write a novel in a month.  So, I wrote a middle-grades children’s fiction novel.  First book ever.  I’m in the process of self-publishing right now, with the goal of having it on the shelves in summer 2016.


Visit yet another of my websites, www.scdavisauthor.com to learn more about it.